Outboard 2-stroke Oil - TCW-3 Ash Free (water cooled)

Outboard 2-stroke Oil - TCW-3 Ash Free (water cooled)
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Synforce TCW-3 Outboard is the latest in “ash free” technology, easy mix, two stroke motor oil for high powered water cooled two stroke outboard engines, including direct injection engines, requiring up to 100 : 1 ratio’s.
Synforce TCW-3 “ash free” gives less plug fouling and smoother more efficient running, resulting in better overall performance than conventional TCW-3 oils.

This oil is formulated to be mixed at fuel-oil ratio’s as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Performance Ratings:
API: TD (TSC-4 )
NMMA (BIA) TCW-2 and TCW-3

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