Citrus Scub Hand Cleaner

Citrus Scub Hand Cleaner
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Citrus Scrub is a citrus based hand cleaner, developed to conform with the latest requirements of regulatory bodies, which do not allow the use of either traditional solvents or MGBE (butyl icinol) that can lead to Dermatitis. These two “nasties” have been the subject of concern by many Government and semi Government bodies of late, to the point that some departments have now stipulated that
hand cleaners supplied to them must not contain them at all.

Citrus Scrub contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Tee tree oil, Glycerine and Vitamin E to help promote skin care, as well as poly beads to assist with cleaning. Citrus Scrub is a liquid/cream and pumpable in most lotion pumps.

Application & Directions for Use:
Citrus Scrub should be applied directly to the hands from a suitable dispenser, massaged well and washed off with water. Please download the Product Data Sheet for more information.


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