HP Gear Oil - 80W-90, GL5

HP Gear Oil - 80W-90, GL5
$25.49 each
Container Size: 1, 4, 20 & 205

Synforce HP Gear Oil 80w/90 is an extreme pressure (EP) gear oil GL5, having strong protective chemical films between mating surfaces, such that it is less sensitive to viscosity from a wear stand point.

Synforce HP Gear Oil 80w/90 is suitable for high speed, high torque operation for highway and off road vehicles, meeting all leading equipment manufacturers specifications for manual gear boxes, differentials and final drives. Synforce HP Gear Oil 80w/90 also meets the requirements of Mack trucks GO-G specification protecting drive trains from scuffing and scoring. Synforce HP Gear Oil 80w/90 is suitable for use in most Hypoid and many spiral-bevel gears, and is satisfactory for top up of limited slip axles in passenger cars and light trucks.


  • Protects gearbox and working components due to antifoaming properties
  • Consistent Viscosity throughout working temperatures, extremely shear stable.
  • Suitable for modern complex power shift transmissions


Performance ratings:

  • API GL5
  • MT-1
  • MIL –L-2105D
  • BTR 5M-36
  • Mack GO-J
  • SAE Grade: 80W-90
  • Viscosity (cst @ 40 degC): 141.4
  • Viscosity (cst @ 100 degC): 15.07
  • Viscosity Index: 108

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