Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) - Tractor MP

Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) - Tractor MP
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Synforce Tractor MP is a Super Tractor Universal Oil designed for Tractor Engines, Transmissions, Hydraulics, and final drives including those with wet brake systems. Tractor MP has an engine viscosity rating of SAE 15W-40 and a service rating API CF 4+, having the soot handling capabilities of a CH-4 making it suitable for use in naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel and four stroke petrol engines.

Tractor MP as a transmission oil contains extreme pressure additives exceeding the requirements of API GL4, SAE 80w making it highly suitable for transmissions & final drives used in off-highway and agricultural machinery.

Tractor MP as a hydraulic oil offers full anti-wear protection for all types of hydraulic pumps and systems meeting the wear and compatibility standards of Dennison vane & piston pumps as well as other gear pumps. It also meets the requirements of compressor manufacturers including ZF TE M1 06, 07.



  • Protects gearbox and working components due to anti-foaming properties
  • Consistent Viscosity throughout working temperatures

Typical Properties:

  • Viscosity @ 100 deg C: 16.5 cst
  • Viscosity @ 40 deg C: 116.3 cst
  • Viscosity Index: 147.6

Performance Ratings:

  • SAE Rating (engines): 15W-40
  • SAE Rating (gears): 80W
  • ISO Rating (hydraulic systems): 68
  • API Rating (engines): CF-4 / SG
  • API Rating (gears): GL4
  • ZF TE M1 06, 07
  • Allison C-4
  • Caterpillar TO-2

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