High Temperature Bearing Grease - HTB

High Temperature Bearing Grease - HTB
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Synforce HTB Grease is a functional multi-purpose lubricating grease .Its recommended for bearing application where temperatures are very high as HTB has no melt point. Specialised Additives enable HTB to have excellent low temperature properties making it suitable for applications where temperatures are below freezing.

Synforce HTB is the prime recommendation for automotive, marine and industrial bearings, it will give long service is an amber, buttery textured grease made from bentone thickened parrafinic base oils fortified with effective oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors.


Water Resistant. Has outstanding resistance to water washout so lubrication is maintained under water contaminating environments. Shear Stability. Maintains its consistency because it does not thin out under high shear where other greases may thin out and cause premature wear or equipment failure. HTB has excellent pump ability characteristics over a wide temperature range.


Automotive chassis, universal joints, wheel bearings, especially those operating at high temperatures i.e. disc brakes. Truck applications, tractors and trailers.


Performance ratings:

  • NLGI grade: 2
  • Soap: Bentonite
  • Colour: Amber
  • Texture: Smooth, buttery

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