ProSYN 2T - Semi-Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil

ProSYN 2T - Semi-Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil
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Synforce ProSYN-2T is a premium semi-synthetic two stroke motor oil that has been developed to meet the demands of modern high performance air-cooled two stroke engines. ProSYN-2T provides exceptional performance due to the semi-synthetic formulation developed with a special low ash additive pack.

ProSYN-2T will extended engine life due to the excellent metal wetting properties and film strength of the semi-synthetic base oils which provide superior lubricity and reduce wear of pistons and cylinders, preventing piston scuffing and seizure. The low ash additive system maximizes spark plug life by reducing fouling and port blocking. Superior combustion characteristics of this formulation reduce visible smoke in exhaust emissions, also providing improved conditions for operators of portable equipment. This in itself will provide a much improved throttle response and good acceleration.

ProSYN-2T is recommended for air cooled and water cooled two-stroke motor cycles, lawn mowers, high output machines working in severe service applications and air-cooled outboard motors at the manufacturers recommendation of fuel to oil ratios. NOT recommended in high performance water-cooled 2-stroke outboards and jet skis.

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