Cruiser Oil - Semi-Synthetic, SAE 15W-40, Medium Ash

Cruiser Oil - Semi-Synthetic, SAE 15W-40, Medium Ash
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Cruiser Oil is a semi synthetic, Medium Ash, 15w/40, CH-4, SJ, Jaso DH-1, engine oil, designed for both Japanese Diesel and Petrol engines, offering maximum protection under both normal and severe operating conditions.

Cruiser Oil was specifically formulated for Japanese engines requiring a CH-4 and Jaso DH-1 diesel ratings, or an SJ petrol rating.
The formulation of Cruiser Oil is unique to Synforce, and being semi synthetic offers maximum protection even under extreme conditions, as well as energy saving characteristics. Because of the very high TBN (total base number) Cruiser Oil is particularly suited to long drain applications.

Cruiser oil is recommended where a 15w/40 medium ash diesel, or petrol oil is to be used,
particularly in Japanese Diesel engines.


  • API: CH-4, SJ
  • ACEA: A3, B3, E3
  • Volvo: VDS2
  • Japanese Diesel: Jaso DH-1
  • Cummins: 20076
  • Mack EOM

Typical Properties:

  • SAE 15w/40
  • Density, kg/Lt at 150 C: 0.884
  • Viscosity, cSt at 1000C: 15.1
  • at 400C: 99
  • Viscosity Index: 161
  • Total Base number: 11.8
  • Sulphated Ash: 1.45

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