ProSYN1550 - Semi-Synthetic, SAE 15W-50 (API SM) oil

ProSYN1550 - Semi-Synthetic, SAE 15W-50 (API SM) oil
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ProSYN 1550 is a semi synthetic, 15w/50, SM petrol engine oil, designed for maximum protection under both normal and severe operating conditions.

ProSYN 1550 provides the ultimate in protection and performance. This premium quality engine oil meets and exceeds the latest API: SM and is suited for all types of four stroke engines operating under the most severe and varied conditions, such as high temperature highway driving conditions or low temperature stop-start driving around town.

The levels of powerful dispersants and detergents of ProSYN 1550 maintain much cleaner engines under all service conditions. The special active dispersants inhibit formation of sludge especially under the constant cold temperature operation of urban motoring and the careful selection of thermally stable base oils, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity improves and detergents enhance the high temperature performance of ProSYN 1550, this contributes to less oxidation and more protection from piston deposits compared to conventional SJ engine oils.

ProSYN 1550 meets or exceeds the following demanding performance requirements:

  • API: SM, SL, SJ, SH, CF, CD
  • VW 500/501/505
  • Rover RES.22.OL.G-4
  • ACEA: A3-96/B2-96
  • Ford M2C.153E

Typical Properties:

  • Density, kg/Lt at 150 C: 0.884
  • Viscosity, cSt at 1000C: 18.6
  • at 400C: 133
  • Viscosity Index: 158

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