ProVIS1540 - Mineral Base, SAE 15W-40 (API SL) oil

ProVIS1540 - Mineral Base, SAE 15W-40 (API SL) oil
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ProVIS 1540, API 15w/40 SL/CF, is the result of an advanced blend of lubricant using the best of base oils and the latest additive package technology and viscosity modifiers.

ProVIS 1540 is suitable for both conventional and multi-valve engines offering the latest in engine protection, sludge reduction and efficiency, under all conditions.

ProVIS 1540 contains anti oxidants, anti wear and high levels of detergent dispersants designed to protect the engine even under harsh conditions. ProVIS 1540 may also be used in heavy and light duty diesels and transmissions and hydraulics where SAE15w/40 engine oils are called for.

Meets or Exceeds:

  • API SL/CF and CF-4, SAE 15w/40
  • CCMC D-4/G4/PD-2
  • ACEA E2, Japanese CD
  • Volvo VDS
  • Mack EO-L
  • Allison C4, ZF ; TE-ML 03, 07
  • MAN 271

Typical Properties:

  • Viscosity @ 100 deg C: 15.8 cst
  • Viscosity @ 40 deg C: 107.6 cst
  • Viscosity index: 157
  • Ash % WT: 1.5


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