HFP Degreaser - Multi Purpose Degreaser

HFP Degreaser - Multi Purpose Degreaser
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HFP Degreaser is a High Flash Point, water soluble, solvent based concentrated degreaser.
Having a flash point greater than 67° C., makes this product extremely safe to use, whilst outperforming most conventional solvent based degreasers. This product is not classed as “Flammable Goods”: HFP Degreaser can be used in parts washers that do not have the solvent “sitting” on water.

Application & Directions for use:
HFP Degreaser is designed for cleaning and grease removal from all hard surfaces such as engine components, machinery etc.
For normal use, spray or brush on, leave for a few minutes and wash of with water.


  • Flash Point (Deg C): > 67°C
  • Boiling Point (Deg C): 195°C
  • Vapour Pressure: @ 15°C: not determined
  • Specific Gravity: @ 25°C: 0.792
  • Solubility in Water: miscible
  • Flammability Limits: Not determined

Please download the Product Data Sheet for more information.

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