Truck Wash

Truck Wash
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Truck Wash is a high foaming biodegradable detergent suitable for cleaning all on road or off road vehicles and equipment. It can be used through a variety of pressure and foaming equipment.

Truck Wash removes dirt, road grime, grease and oil from all vehicles including off road, buses, cars and heavy haulage equipment. Truck Wash contains a unique mixture of extremely powerful ironic surfactants, alcohols, aromatic chemicals and water softeners. Most other degreasing/cleaning solutions available in the market today depend on the reaction of extremely hazardous chemicals, i.e. kerosene, white spirit or hydrocarbons to remove grease/oils from the painted surfaces.

Truck Wash contains no masking agents. The formulation is designed to remove all greases and oils etc with little manual effort from the servicing personnel. The vehicles can be degreased/cleaned more efficiently as Truck Wash is supplied in a
ready to use liquid with no additional preparation necessary.

Truck Wash is provided in a ready to use solution.
1. Direct Application: Spray onto vehicle neat through Degreasing/Foam Generating type gun and hose.
2. Indirect Application: Apply through chemical discharge in hot water pressure cleaner (1: 10 mix ratio recommended) allow to stand for 5 to 8 minutes then hose off.

Synforce Truck Wash conforms to the Australian Governments biodegradability regulations and presents no pollution hazards if accidentally discharged or spilt.

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