Orange Pumps market a substantial range of submersible bore hole pumps. The pumps are grouped into flow rates of

  • 30 Litres per minute
  • 60 Litres per minute
  • 80 Litres per minute, and
  • 130 Litres per minute

Once you have selected the flow rate that matches your bore hole, select the motor size by looking at the performance chart of the pump, and see how much motor power is required to pump the flow rate at the pressure you require.

Keep in mind that you may need some pressure at the top of the bore to pump up to a tank stand, or to run sprinklers. The pressure required at the pump is therefore the depth of the bore PLUS the pressure you need at the top of the bore. To convert between 'm head' to 'kPa', simply multiply the 'm head' by 9.8

Once you have selected the pump model (eg 60 Litres per minute), and the motor power (eg 1.5 hp / 1.1 kW), then you have the option of electric motor configuration. There are 3 types of motors available on Orange Pumps (not all types are available for every pump).

  • Single phase 240V, 2 wire - These motors only need a 2 wire power lead to the top of the bore
  • Single phase 240V, 3 wire - These motors need a 3 wire power lead to the top of the bore, and also have a small electrical box at the top of the bore to house the motor start capacitor
  • Three phase 415V - These motors are 3 phase, and may require a motor starter and overload to be wired at the top of the bore (contact your electrician for information, or send us an email)

Please note that the electric motor of the pump only come with a short lead (around 1m), ready to connect to a bore-hole style electric cable. All bore hole pumps must be wired by a licenced electrician, so please talk to your electrician for wiring options.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require help with selecting your bore hole pump.