Toro/Irritrol 205MT - 25 mm

Toro/Irritrol 205MT - 25 mm
Toro/Irritrol 205MT - 25 mmToro/Irritrol 205MT - 25 mm
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The Toro/Irritrol 205MT series valve is designed primarily for light commercial and residential use. These rugged electric valves have offered debris-tolerant operation and a high flow, low friction loss design for optimum performance for nearly 30 years. The 205MT valve has become an industry iron.


  • Heavy duty construction. Corrosion and UV resistant PVC
  • Removable tamper resistant flow control handle
  • Debris-tolerant design for use in lightly contaminated dirty water (note: if you are concerned about dirty water, the 2500MTF solenoid is recommended)
  • High flow, low friction loss design
  • Easily serviced without removal from the system



  • Flow range: 1 to 100 L/min
  • Pressure range: 70-1034 kPa
  • Solenoid: 24VAC
  • Inrush volt-amp: 24 VAC - 9.6 VA
  • Inrush current: 0.4 Amps
  • Holding current: 0.2 Amps
  • Optional 9-12 VDC solenoid


Please note that Toro advises that changes to specifications may be made without notice and without incurring liability.