BAE 596Ah (C20) 2V Cell (6PVV660) Maintenance Free - Made in Germany

BAE 596Ah (C20) 2V Cell (6PVV660) Maintenance Free - Made in Germany
BAE 596Ah (C20) 2V Cell (6PVV660) Maintenance Free - Made in GermanyBAE 596Ah (C20) 2V Cell (6PVV660) Maintenance Free - Made in Germany
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BAE Batterien GmbH are based in Berlin, Germany, and have been designing and manufacturing batteries for Off-Grid and Backup power systems since 1899. BAE products are made according to the highest quality and environmental standards, being an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company. The BAE SECURA cells "PVV SOLAR" (2 volt) and batteries "PVV BLOCK" (2, 6 and 12 volt) are developed especially for the renewable energy / stand-alone power markets.

BAE SECURA PVV solar batteries are maintenance-free and used to store electric energy in medium and large solar photo-voltaic installations. Due to the robust tubular plate design BAE PVV Batteries are excellent suited for highest requirements regarding cycling ability and long lifetime.

Please look at the Lifetime chart to work out the approximate life time of the battery. Given that in a typical Remote Area Power System (RAPS)a discharge-recharge cycle occurs every day, each year means 365 cycles. Please bear in mind that these are approximations, and many other factors influence battery life some of which are temperature, maintenance and charging regime. RAPS setups generally cater for storing at least 1 extra day's energy usage in case of rainy weather. Consider discharging the batteries 20-25% per day, and even if you have very little sunshine, then the batteries will be around the 40-50% DOD level.

For Backup Power Systems, batteries may stand idle for several weeks before they are used. It may therefore be more cost effective to have a smaller battery bank (lower Amp Hours), and discharge the batteries deeper (eg 50%). If you only need say 100 cycles a year, then you will still get many years of service from the batteries.

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  • Model: 6PVV660
  • Voltage: 2 V
  • Capacity (Ah)
    • C100 (100 Hr rate): 705 Ah (70.5A current draw)
    • C20 (20 Hr rate): 596 Ah (29.8A current draw)
    • C10 (10 Hr rate): 532 Ah (53.2 A current draw)
    • C1 (1 Hr rate): 303 Ah (303 A current draw)
  • Dimensions: L 208 x W 147 x H 535 mm
  • Weight: 36.7 kg
  • Country of Manufacture: Germany

Please download the data sheet for technical specifications.


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